Frequently Asked Questions

What is CamSpace?

CamSpace is a program that lets you control computer games using your WebCam with everyday, ordinary objects. So instead of using a mouse, keyboard or joystick, now you can use things like a steering wheel cut out of cardboard, a ketchup bottle or even your fingers to control your game play.

CamSpace currently only works on Windows, but Mac and Linux versions are on the way.

How can I use CamSpace?

All you need to do is to download CamSpace here. A friendly Wizard will walk you through the simple setup process allowing you to start playing within minutes.

How do I lock on to an object?

Whenever you launch a game within CamSpace, a Wizard will walk you through the process of locking onto an object. Here are things to remember as you configure CamSpace to lock on an object:

  1. Make sure there's plenty of light in the room you're in.
  2. Pick a bright, colorful object with a uniform color that is NOT the color of your shirt or the wall behind you.
Look at our "Right and wrong" page to learn more about object locking.

Which games can I play with CamSpace?

We've pre-loaded CamSpace with dozens of cool games and more are added all the time!
If you're a geeky type, you can join our Developer Program and create your own CamSpace Game Controllers or CamGames.

I have an old WebCam, will it work?

Although CamSpace works with almost every WebCam, old ones usually have lower frame rates and have difficulties with changing light conditions.

For a partial list of some of user-tested WebCam's, click here.

How do I improve my framerate?

The easiest way is to improve your WebCam's framerate is to make sure there is plenty of light in the room you're in. Another way is to change your WebCam's resolution by accessing its Settings options.

If you found a bug, please report it here.

You can visit our Wiki for more information or share your thoughts with our community at the CamSpace forums.

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