Fun & Educational Games for Kids

(and Parents too)

Hours of Fun for Kids

Your kids will love our games and spend hours of fun playing them

Learning While Playing

All our games have an educational value. Not only will your children learn spelling, how to recycle, foods, colors, maths and more, but our motion games will also help improve coordination

Kids Get a Workout

As the children must move their body and hands to control these games, they give children an energy outlet and a workout.

Play Together

Our games are suited for one, two or more players. This means kids can play with their parents or with their friends

Easy to use

It's super simple to get started. All that's needed is a computer with a webcam. You click and it runs from within the browser

Save $$$

Console and other computer games cost big money. Our games are affordable for everyone!

Cody educational games for kids!

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